GBL helps owners at all stages of owning a business – from choosing the best business entity to transitioning the business to the next generation or selling the business.

Life is Short

Although understanding that the practice of law is a serious business, GBL’s first rule is to make sure not to take ourselves too seriously because life is too short. Steve believes that being happy makes one a better person and, as a result, a better and more effective attorney. If you doubt this, think about the decisions you made when you were unhappy - better or worse than when you were in a good spot?

Listen First

I was told as a young man by my wise and sage Grandmother - God gave you two ears and one mouth - so always listen twice as much as you talk. Therefore, I listen to what my clients want, I listen to what the other side is saying (and sometimes more importantly, what they aren’t saying), I listen to other stakeholders - because only after listening can an effective plan of action be developed.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Creativity

Given the need for analytical abilities that comes with the job description, the ability to be flexible and creative is often overlooked. Therefore, I frequently step back from a problem and tell myself to “stop thinking like a lawyer” to see what I am missing and how I can solve the problem from a different perspective.

Put your Ego Away

To be an effective attorney focused on the needs of my client, I put my ego aside. I don’t need to win every argument to demonstrate my skill and I keep my eye on the ultimate goal - to help you and your business take the next step, manage risk, solve problems - rather than having to win. If I have to fall on the sword or abandon a legal strategy because it doesn’t fit your business strategy - so be it. I constantly ask myself as I work for my clients, does my approach advance their goals and is it worth the investment? I know that law is not practiced in a vacuum, it has a significant impact on your business and your success is much more important than “winning” every battle.

Be Nice

I know that business law often involves disputes, serious disputes involving serious stakes. However, in the course of over 20 years of practice, I have seen better resolutions when the attorneys involved commit to being “nice” - in other words, being respectful, giving the benefit of the doubt, and trying to be reasonable. I remain a steadfast advocate of my client’s position and will fight like mad to protect their interests, but I can do it in a respectful manner.

100% Effort

“Helping Business Owners Sleep at Night” is not just a catchy tag-line - it is something I strive to do each day, with each client, on all matters. I want you to rest easier knowing that someone is looking out for your interests and thinking about your problems. To do this, I need to give it my all so that I can best serve you and your interests.


“In House” Counsel and Risk Management

Often, privately held businesses are looking for someone to “quarterback” their legal issues – in other words, they would like to have someone act as “in-house counsel” for the company.   GBL provides this service to many of its clients – so, instead of the business owner or the CFO having to constantly think about the business’ legal issues, GBL becomes a proactive participant in the business’ risk management program and strategic planning.   GBL provides an independent third party review of the liabilities and risk exposure facing the business and assists in putting together a plan to address and minimize these risks.  Also, GBL serves as a resource for management to turn to with respect to general legal and risk issues (meaning that they can call someone other than the owner for advice), with GBL then assisting with the matter or recommending other professionals and experts to help manage these issues.

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