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After 5 years of practicing in my own firm, I have decided that my website was deserving of a makeover.   Thanks to my friends at Trending Up Strategy, that has been accomplished.

The new site should be a bit more “user friendly” and hopefully will be a better experience for you and will provide more value.

I was never a fan of law firm websites – they were primarily a summary of practice areas, a list of attorneys with their headshot and contact information and “boilerplate” pages with content designed to make you worry about problems and cause you to call the law firm to find out more.

Fortunately, that has changed – websites provide more useful content and resources – and I will try to provide as much valuable content as I can.  But my primary goal in improving my website is to give insight into the culture of Glaser Business Law and how I approach representing my clients.

As you will find by perusing my website, I try to do things a bit differently.  I am not saying that my approach is “better”, but, for some people, some business owners, maybe my approach will be a more comfortable fit.  One of the reasons I started my own firm is that I saw that business owners wanted a more practical, business oriented approach to the practice of law, with an understanding that legal conclusions have a significant impact on the operations of a business, an impact that goes far beyond the legal problem at issue.   They wanted a lawyer to be looking out for their interests, to identify risks, to be creative, to consider the business impact of the legal conclusion rather than practicing law in a vacuum.

One of my favorite compliments, and one I seem to hear more often, is that “You don’t seem like an attorney – I wouldn’t have guessed”.  I guess my respect for my clients, and the fact that I feel that it is an honor to be asked to help, shines through.

If the business model employed by many firms works for you, then maybe we wouldn’t be a fit, but, if you are interested in a different model, please let me know.

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